Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 14

            I noticed the holidays kind of threw me off and I didn’t write a journal entry on Monday; which means I have already betrayed the schedule I told myself I was going to follow.  This is something I am going to have to fix, because the way I see it is if I don’t even have enough discipline to sit at a desk and type on a consistent schedule.  It isn’t likely I am going to have the discipline to work out, eat, and see the doctor on a consistent schedule either.  Developing discipline should be all encompassing and I should  try to limit my excuses as to why it hasn’t gotten done.  On that note though, I made sure to eat as well as I could over the holiday, stuck closer to veggies and things of that nature and minimized the amount of sweet food I consumed.  In fact aside from a little bit of candy at my dad’s house, I stayed completely away from cake and pie which were at both the holiday gatherings I went to.  And of course only had one plate of food at each meal.

I started taking some advice from friends and family, both in regards to products/foods they enjoy using for health benefits; as well as schedule ideas and have so far been very happy with the results!  It was cool to have people actually giving me suggestions, as well as find people were reading what I was writing (Without me having to suggest to them).  In particular it was suggested to me that instead of using energy supplements as a way to ‘refuel’ after a work out, they should be consumed about 30mins before I intend to work out.  The idea being that I will have more energy and that it will boost my metabolism into burning the calories I am actually trying to lose, throughout the day.  Instead of burning a bunch during the work out, then taking something heavy in protein which will replenish and slow the metabolism back down.  I got up about 45mins earlier than I am used to this morning and gave it a try, and I must say it felt pretty good.  During the work out I felt much more energetic, and a lot less sore afterward.  Granted, this was just the first day…but I think I will be happy with this result in the long run, as down time and lack of energy in the morning is something that seems to bring down my work out.

I decided I’m only going to weigh myself on them month, meaning on the thirty (30) day mark of each entry from the last.  I think if I focus too narrowly I will begin to lose concentration on what is important, which is my overall health and wellness, not just shedding pounds.  Also looking at the changes at the end of a 30 day period will make those changes larger by nature, and will probably play well into my over all mood.

So far the exercises the chiropractor gave me are awesome! They are wicked hard to do, but I can notice the muscles in my stomach and lower back are for sure getting stronger.  I can’t wait for her to give me the next sequence when I’m ‘ready’ for them.  Also I scheduled to have a physical on Jan 11th (I wish it could have been sooner, but this was the next available), to get a lock on my over all health…Blood sugar, cholesterol, heart and lungs, and have an actual idea of where I am starting rather than going off of how I ‘feel’.  I think I will plan to have a physical three times during the period to chart my progress and of course to get the doctor’s opinion on what would be the healthiest and optimal options.

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