Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 7

       admittedly I have not been working as hard as I could have been, I have been working out every morning.  But I think I could be trying harder or at the least twice a day instead of only when I wake up.  Also I have not embraced the changes in my diet as much as I think I should be, although I have made a lot of them.  So first thing (Tonight, and tomorrow) I am going to do is make the full change to only 1-2 cups of iced coffee a week (preferably 1), drinking tea as an alternative if I find I still want the caffeine in the morning; plus there are a lot of green teas that would actually be good for my kidneys as well.  The milk and chocolate that go into the coffee I like to drink is a huge detriment to my efforts, and although I have cut it down significantly, I would like to cut THAT down by less than half…so 1-2 a week, or only 1 on weekends if you want to add it up that way.

Also, while I have been good about packing my lunch (instead of getting something at work), and making sure it is all light/nutrient friendly/a good choice over all…There have been days when I had to leave the house in a rush, or got too distracted doing other things (Reading, futsing around on the computer, talking to people) and was unable to pack my lunch.  So also starting tonight, I will be packing my lunch the night before as part of my daily routine, to make sure I am well disciplined about having it ready to take with me the next day.  This includes a packet of grits for a “breakfast” at 10am, an actual lunch, and some type of snack (sliced veggies, almonds, antioxidant fruit) to have close to the end of the day around 4-5 before I go home and begin the process of preparing dinner.

On the note of working out, I feel like I have been slacking in that arena.  While it is true that I do a work out of some nature every morning, I sometimes have only been doing the routine my chiropractor showed me for my tummy/back and calling that “good enough” especially on days when I accidentally sleep in and don’t feel like I can fit a whole routine into my morning.  I think this is probably not good enough, and that the small routine (Usually about only 15mins of sit ups and other crunches) my chiropractor gave me, should be seen as a supplement.  It was the wrong mindset to look at it as an actual work out, and I should have never let myself fall into that mentality, even for only a few days.  So…the schedule I am going to follow starting tonight is…a regular 45-50 minute work out first thing in the morning,  then when I get home from work something that is cardio specific/heavy, followed by the 15minutes of crunches and such suggested by my chiropractor.

Today I also looked into finding a physician so that I can have my first physical, I have decided that when they weigh me at the doctor’s office, that will be my “official” starting weight…unless…it is 5lbs lower than what I claimed I started at (272lbs), because I doubt I lost 5lbs since starting, if it is more than I claimed ( L I certainly hope it isn’t), than aside from being an even more grotesquely fat kid…it will be more money donated in the long run and I’m going to try to look at that is a positive thing, seeing as how I am losing all of it no matter which way you cut it.  After that I will get their advice on a periodical check up, to make sure that everything is healthy and happy as I bring my body mass down.  As well as get some ideas on what kind of diet I should be aiming for, when considering my other health concerns.

Other than that there is not much else to report…I have a noticeable increase in energy, even if I don’t look/feel different over all.  My attitude is thus far very positive, although I am disappointed at the short comings listed above.  I am still just starting out, and I don’t want to drag myself down my small set backs so early on.  I have yet to hear back from Shriners about any advice or assistance they can offer, but one way or another I am going to figure it out, even if it is on my own.  I figure it is more important to get the method and health aspect figured out, before I worry about donation and accountability.

Also…I am going to start a schedule for the entries, so that I am putting up a new blog every couple days (Probably Mon, Wed, Fri…with maybe a bonus Saturday night post from time to time).  I think a good way to help me embrace the changes in routine and discipline is to be disciplined in EVERY aspect of the project, and that means writing these updates as well.

Thank you for the feedback I have received both on and off the blog site, it means a lot to have the guidance!

Talk to you soon!

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