Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 1


Hopefully this will become something exciting and fun for you to read, and for me to continue to write; and not yet another project that goes on the back burner for one excuse or another (Cause that’s what they are, excuses). 

It has been becoming more and more clear to me that I try to move in too many different directions, and a lot of the time this results in me just standing still (or running in place, whichever analogy you prefer).  Usually I am trying to juggle 1-2 things at work or school at once, falling off and climbing on the exercise wagon in an attempt to get in shape, as well as constantly daydreaming about a billion or more little charity ideas that strike my fancy.  The end result of course is that I spend  a lot of time working towards nothing, gaming, and not working on any charity of any nature.

For the time being I would like to focus on my health though, something that seems to be a pillar to everything else.  When we eat heavy/salty/fatty foods our mood is generally much lower, as a result of our energy being lower.  This can result in workflow slowing down, sleep patterns becoming all buggered, and of course we don’t’ want to exercise or change these habits so we find ourselves in a kind of circle.

To date (December 13th 2011) I am 25 years old, I stand at 5ft 8inc tall, and weigh about 272lbs (with slacks and socks on).  This, I’m sure I don’t need to explain to anyone, is completely unacceptable.  Both as a method of living everyday life, as well as a vehicle to prolonging and improving my life.  In my family there is a history of both heart disease, as well as identities; and I’m sure I am not doing my other organs or joints any favors by living the way I currently do.  My current weight puts me at about 112lbs overweight (Which is well beyond the clinically “obese” measurement), which is a disgusting 25lbs or more than I weighed the last time I tried to lose weight by changing my diet and work out routine.  I have said before, and it has always been evident that this must change immediately.  So as to avoid serious health conditions later in life (probably not that far down the road at that), as well as repair what damage I can, which I have already caused by treating myself so poorly.

On a lighter note…

If you know me, you know that I have been a patient of Shriners Hospital for Children almost my entire life (My last clinical visit with them was around the time of my 22nd birthday).  If you let me I will talk for hours and hours, about my visits, extended stays, and many other experiences with the group.  I’ve known nurses and doctors who watched me grow up from infant, who I still stay in contact with today when I am able.  What is more amazing is that the services rendered at the Shriners locations around the world, are completely free to the families of children who need them.  Everything from extreme and life saving surgery, to rehabilitation, to grief and emotional counseling, hospital stays, check ups.  Everything they can do that is in their power is turned into a force to help many disabled or ill children, and the things that which are not in their power they will find the person whom it is.  If you don’t already know who I am talking about I highly suggest you go to a search engine and read up about them, they are an amazing, life saving, organization who can use all the support you can give them and I encourage you to.

One of the many things I discuss when referring to Shriners is pride.  Pride that I grew up knowing the people I did, both patients and staff, pride at experiencing the things that I did.  Pride at being around people and in a place that instilled in me the most important characteristic us as Man has known during our time on this planet.


I am very proud to have gone through the things that I did, and helped others do the same, and felt that someone cared for me enough to help me persevere through a, perhaps bad hand, that some are dealt early in life.  It took a lot of grief and hard work to obtain the health that I do, and the abilities and life that I have.  But it has occurred to me, that if you saw me on the street.  Then you might not guess that about me at all.  It is pretty contradicting to say that I take pride in these things, if I have let myself fall into the current state of bad health that I find myself.  Furthermore it makes those struggles valueless if I begin to contract new and totally avoidable ailments, simply out of laziness.  And it certainly doesn’t show the level of respect I claim to have for those who helped me, when their efforts are squandered on someone who is voluntarily watching their own health deteriorate.

That is why I think this is the best solution to all problems listed above…

Over the next 365 days, I intend to focus my free time into both physical and mental health.  Building my resolve and discipline back up to what I would like it to reflect.  As well as finally bring my physical health back to a level that better reflects the hard work that has gone into it as a child.  I have already retained visiting a chiropractor (for back pain, unrelated to this decision), and will continue to see her for consultation on how to safely work my back and shoulder muscles.  I also intend to choose a regular physician to get a physical, as well as inform them of my work out routine and get their guidance.  My goal is that at the end of these 365 days I will be down to 150lbs (That’s 122lbs loss…a whole person, gone from my joints and muscles), and can begin to focus on actual athleticism instead of basics. 

I encourage future readers and followers of the blog to “sponsor” this weight loss, by setting an amount to each pound I lose, as a donation to the Shriners Hospital in Sacramento CA.  100% of whatever I earn from donations will go directly to the hospital, I will not be keeping any of it, and I have written the PR dept of the hospital itself to see if they have any guidance they can give me as far as organization is concerned. 

Everything is in the very early stages thus far, although I have already begun changing my diet and working out daily.

I know this first post is extremely scattered and somewhat uninteresting to read, but I’m hoping it will improve over time!  I would greatly appreciate any support that is out there, and even if you are uncertain of this particular idea.  I highly encourage anyone to look up and contribute to the Shriners Hospital organization, they are an amazing group and deserve all the help they can get.

That is all for now, I will post every couple days or so.



  1. This is a great first post!! Trust me, after being in the blogosphere as long as I have over the past few months, being honest about your experiences and your goals is huge at being a successful blogger! And putting your goals out there like this is so great at helping you achieve what you want!

    Good luck!

    I'm your first follower!!!

  2. Hey Dave! I came upon your blog by accident (I think)! I applaude your conviction!
    As I read your blog I recognized similar failings in myself, and I too want to maintain a healthier life style! A friend had also reached similar conclusions earlier this year, and has developed work out and life style changes and has been successful!! He's lost several pounds! He has also chronicaled his journey on YouTube! His name is Ricky Nigro! He's actually much like you, in that he's not into gamers, but he's rather smart (I avoided using 'intellectual', I don't think he likes the term much!lol). He also used a run tracker on his iPhone. As his friends commented encouragement, he'd get a crowd roar or something like that on his phone as he ran. Anyway, A long story, short...you, I are not alone!! I will do my best to help with the Shriners donation(s).